1. Can I spray bleach on mold?  Spraying bleach on mold is not recommended and does not even kill mold, it changes the color making mold even more dangerous and harder to find.
  2. Can I remove the mold myself? Absolutely not, dead mold spores are just as harmful as live mold spores so chances are there are mold spores everywhere. 
  3. How long can I wait if I find mold? The longer you wait the more toxic your nervous system and body will become leading to long term health effects, structural damage and ultimately a more expensive remediation.
  4. If I have a stuffy nose and have allergies does that mean I have mold? Most sinus infections are linked to mold.
  5. Can mold grow on anything? Studies show mold will eat almost anything but not a Mc'Donalds happy meal.
  6. How dangerous really is mold? Mold contains the most carcinogenic pathogen known to man.