Kauai Mold Removal is the only mold remediation company in the state of Hawaii to offer a 10-year mold free warranty.


Wether you are building a new home or want to treat your old shack we can apply an anti-microbial mold prevention treatment. Whether we are sealing with a powerful anti-microbial sealant or fogging non-toxic mold inhibitors to prevent mold from growing.


We forgot to mention that Kauai Mold Removal is the only mold remediation company on Kauai that only remediates hazardous mold; we are truly mold remediation specialist...not carpet cleaners.


In our wet/humid environment it is important to take the right steps to protect your home and business. Every remediation job, includes fogging of mold inhibitors to keep you and your home protected in the future.


Lets face it, chances are you will love us, but not want to see us again for mold services. Thats why we  exceed the industry standards for remediation we do our best to completely protect your family and home from any chance of new growth with preventative mold treatments.

That way you you never have to worry about the silent killer in your home or business. Take the right step to prevent mold from growing! 


Antimicrobial coatings and sealants should not be used in place of proper source removal of mold contamination, it only serves to  protect materials from future microbial growth.


Call us today and ask about our mold prevention techniques!