Kauai Mold Inc. uses only the best tools & equipment for any Mold Removal job.


If you have have had a leak in your roof or flood damage has occurred chances are you need Kauai Mold Inc. We have more than enough mold removal equipment for any job on the island of Kauai.  


We take pride in our mold expertise; we are NOT carpet cleaners who do mold on the side. We have over $50,000 in specialized mold equipment alone. 


Are services include:

  1. Dry-wall Demolition
  2. Reconstruction
  3. Ozone Shock Treatment
  4. Mold Stain Removal
  5. Odor Removal
  6. Flood Damage Restoration
  7. Sanitation 
  8. Wall Cavity Drying
  9. Fogging
  10. Agitation
  11. HVAC Mold Clean
  12. Mold Prevention
  13. New Construction VOC Removal
  14. + Much More!

 Our team is trained for demolition and reconstruction if necessary in the remediation process.