If you cant see mold...that doesn't mean you don't have any.


Many different fungi grow indoors as mold in the presence of moisture.  Some of these fungi can cause allergic or toxic reactions, while a few may cause infections in susceptible individuals.


  If there are NO signs of visual mold growth but you have symptoms such as

  1. allergies,
  2. headaches
  3. drowsiness

   Or you can smell a musty organic scent, chances are there is mold somewhere in your indoor living environment exceeding that amount of mold outside. You may want to get a mold test. 


   We take pride in using only the best mold sampling equipment on todays commercial market.


   First we take as many samples necessary, using swab and air tests. Then we send them to a lab overnight for professional analysis. As soon as the samples are returned 3-5 days we can determine if your environment is safe and the next steps to remediation.